The French Hunter is not just about providing you authentic luxury, it is also about trust. We are a multi-generational family business that passes on knowledge and scours for the best luxury goods in France. Our focus? You. And the very best of those goods? Well crafted, artisanal Hermès luxury handbags.
Our Service
Our long existence illustrates that we have a keen eye splendor. We seek for the crème de la crème following your demand, ensuring that you are the target invite for any events fit for socialites. Our scope goes beyond purveying the bags you want; it also encompasses providing you with the royal treatment you deserve.
If you are pursuing an Himalayan Kelly that exudes nobility--we have it. If it is rare Birkin that is fit for a queen you seek to touch--we’ve got you covered. If you are targeting that rare crocodile Constance to display on your outings--we can hunt them for you. A Kelly Pochette for a socialite event? Not a problem. There are no limits to luxury; we are always preying on them.
Founded in 1888, our business operated to provide princes, nobility, and dignitaries with the most noble luxury goods France had to offer. Today, the opportunity for lavishness we provide is given to those beyond the borders of France in the form of extravagant Hermès items you can sashay the moment you step out of your home.
Are you game? Because we always are.