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Hermès - Your Alternative Investment

Hermès - Your Alternative Investment

The Hermès handbags have officially become an asset on its own.

They have proven to be a better investment than art according to Knight Frank's Luxury Investment Index.

The handbag market has been exploding at auctions and online sales but the one that truly dominates the scene is the Hermès Birkin bags. With its consistency to increase in value based on its demand, it is THE bag that attracts the highest prices and are considered the most desirable.

How did it attain its status in the collectors world?

With a waiting list that can last up to 6 years, Hermès is known to make only a limited supply of bags each year.

The Himalaya, Hermès "holy grail", is as rare as they come and offered only to their top clients. With it's savoir-faire techniques in construction of the bag and careful storage, the bags retains its value as a collectible and if you are lucky enough to get your hands on a Limited Edition, the demand for the impossible grows and so does your return in investment.

Looking to covet your first Hermès collectible? Our team is here to help ensure that you make the right investment.

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